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We deliver professional investment signals

Through exclusive partnerships with quantitative hedge funds, we help investors benefit from the research power of a global talent pool. Sanostro's Alpha platform aggregates millions of buy/sell signals from experienced quantitative research firms. We collect, audit, and recombine trading signals to help you continuously generate alpha.
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Standarized trading signals for coherent decision making

All buy/sell signals on Alpha use a standardized format (-1.00 to +1.00) to ensure cross-model comparison, easy strategy implementation, coherent decision making and simplified integration.
Signal Scale, Long-Short | Alpha By Sanostro
Max bullish
Max bearish
Stay Ahead of the Curve
  • Best-in-class trading signals applied to your favorite instruments
  • Leverage the collective intelligence of leading quant managers
  • Capture returns & reduce risk
  • 7000+ liquid financial instruments
  • Over 80 million investment signals

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